Not ONE  but TWO, we are halfway between the two seas, at 32km from the Adriatic Sea and 37km from the Ionian Sea; then depending on the wind, you can choose the best beach.


In a region like Puglia, it is quite difficult to choose the best beaches due to the enormous number of nice beaches from the north to the south. Probabily, it is a question with no answer and no truth, but every year in this period there is someone who tries to give a reply to this question.

Like the Bandiera Blu Awards of the FEE – Foundation for Environmental Education, with the support of two UN Agencies, the UNEP – United Nations Environment Programme and the UNWTO – United Nations World Tourism Organization. Bandiera Blu is a kind of voluntary eco-label awarded to the locations which respect some criteria of sustainable territory management and development. For 2011 Puglia have got 8 Bandiera Blu beaches


Puglia is becoming known for its countryside like the trullo land, for its ancient olive trees and, in the last few year, for its masserias too, that amazing farmhouses lost in the country which are renovated in resort, spa, hotel, agriturismo and B&B.

Puglia is not well known for its beaches, not yet. But I think in the future it will be identified as the Mediterranea dream. Where can you find great foods and wines, beautiful countrysides and wonderful beaches all around 50 chilometers ?

Welcome to PUGLIA


Beautiful landscapes



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